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Orthopedic Instruments
Offered high-quality Orthopedic Instruments are made to be used in a variety of hospitals for the effective and successful surgical treatment or surgeries. They are meant to be used under professional use only. 
Orthopedic Clamp
The Orthopedic Clamps have been made to perform in the orthopedic surgeries for the fixation of towels as well as dressing materials. These are needed to secure the instruments and help in bone reduction.
Orthopedic Screwdriver
Orthopedic Screwdrivers are the surgical procedures, which are mainly utilized to repair the broken bones and secure the bone fragments. The said products are functional as the screw removal systems as well as cruciform patterns. 
Rail Fixation System
Rail Fixation Systems have been made for the process of bone transportation. These are also useful for the reconstruction of bone loss and assist in the processes of compression-distraction as well as bifocal lengthening.
Orthopedic Screw
Orthopedic Screws are functional as the standard screws, which impinge on the adjacent tissues. They are used in the treatment of scaphoid as well asosteoarticular fractures.
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rods have been made to convey the compressive as well as tensile forces. These offer a mechanic linkage and provide a high-qualityreciprocating motion.
Power Tools
Power tools we deal in are demanded in industry of construction. They are also suited for housework tasks such as cleaning, cooking etc. Offered tools boast of functional accuracy and precision.